Since 2001, Brooklyn Art Incubator (BAI) has been utilizing the arts to promote positive self-image and provide social development for the youth of New York City. Our underlying vision is to incubate artistic talent, empower students with creative and entrepreneurial spirit, and ultimately bridge the gap between talent and success for at-risk youth across all 5 boroughs.

Over the years, we have learned that our approach and techniques for youth can benefit an even broader audience here in New York City. We have grown from one local artist/teacher, to a team of volunteers and staff. Additionally, we have been adding programs, partners, and developing a more robust vision for success to meet the needs of our community.


A community focused arts-education organization that provides a spectrum of services, engaging and empowering multiple generations, while providing positive environmental visions.


Communities that celebrate and nurture the environmentally substantial artistic talents that lead to educational and entrepreneurial success.


2001 – Sparked by his experiences as a teacher in New York City public schools and Juvenile Justice facilities, Carl “Musa” Hixson founds Brooklyn Art Incubator (BAI). As a local teaching artist, he developed a program envisioning the use of art to help young people overcome the challenges that make growing up as productive, successful members of the community appear to be an unachievable goal.

2003 – BAI officially incorporates, receives federal 501(c)3 non-profit status, registers with the NY State Bureau of Charities and beings providing Artz Biz Kidz programming around Brooklyn, NY.

2005 – BAI artists are contracted by the United States Department of Defense, officially launching our Vision to Action program (now called Art for Community Transformation (ACT)). The goal: produce illustrations designed for environmentally conscious community spaces, gathered from community input; help Urban Planners and the Army Corp of Engineers design, and develop greener, healthier, and more sustainable environments. The program went nationwide.

2009 – BAI launches and holds their first Art for Seniors program. BAI is contracted with the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation-Community Justice programs to educate Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn residents about hazardous environmental factors. Visions of residents were captured and manuals for creating green communities were developed for broader circulation and education.

2010 – BAI is Contracted with the NYS Office of Child and Family Services to work as a Bridges to Health (B2H), Waiver Service Provider. BAI opens up their services to offer support for children and families who are involved in foster care.

2018 – Designated by the NYS Department of health to work as an insurance provider contractor to continue to deliver services to children and families.

2018 – Launched our revised Art for Community Transformation program, an even more inclusive offering leveraging best practices in community-led development, to further refine our Vision to Action programming.